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Randy Pullen
Arizona Republican Party Chairman

Elected in January 2007, Randall “Randy” Pullen is serving his second term as chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. A CPA and businessman by trade, Randy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in both the business and political communities to the job as chairman.

Prior to becoming chairman, Randy served as the National Committeeman from Arizona on the Republican National Committee from 2004 to 2007. He was a candidate for Mayor of the city of Phoenix in both 1999 and 2003, campaigning on a platform of fighting crime, reducing city spending and reforming immigration policies. He co-chaired the Finance Committee for the Arizona Republican Party in 2000, and was also an alternate delegate to the 2004 Republican National Convention.

Randy continues to have a successful business career that began in 1972 with his founding of Charleston Marina and Shipbuilding with his father and brother. In less than five years, the Pullen family grew Charleston Marina and Shipbuilding into the largest sport fishing company in southern Oregon. In 1988 Pullen went on to become a partner in the accounting firm of Deloitte & Touche. There, Randy became the firm’s expert on real estate and related banking issues throughout the late 1980’s and early 1990’s.

In 1992, Randy became President of ILX, Inc., a publicly traded resort management company headquartered in Phoenix. Within two-years, under Randy’s leadership, ILX increased its revenue from $5 million to over $20 million in sales. Randy then went on to found Pullen & Company, a successful accounting and consulting practice specializing in complex financial issues for both litigation and bankruptcy cases.

A business innovator, Randy is the founder and president of Wage Watch, Inc. Since 1999, Wage Watch has been a premier Internet based compensation and benefit survey firm serving Fortune 1000 companies. Wage Watch has over 5,000 subscribing companies representing over 1.5 million employees nationwide.

A staunch supporter of immigration reform, Randy successfully chaired the “Yes on Proposition 200, Protect Arizona Now” campaign. This landmark 2004 ballot initiative requires proof of citizenship before any individual can register to vote or apply for public benefits in the state of Arizona. In 2006, Randy was a spokesperson for the successful Proposition 300 ballot measure. This measure requires non-citizens to pay out-of-state tuition rates for post-secondary education. He has also been involved in efforts to re-empower local and state law enforcement to enforce federal immigration laws.

A true believer in giving back to the community, Randy has served on numerous non-profit boards and foundations. From 2000 to 2003, Randy served as a director and as president of the Rosie’s House Music Academy. During his tenure as president, Randy helped develop and implement a very successful after school music enrichment program for over 250 children, many of whom were from low income families. In 2001, he was a co-founder of the annual Student Entrepreneur Competition with the Arizona State University College of Engineering. He has been a member of the Phoenix Community Alliance, Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Arizona Technology Council, and the Social Venture Partners, a private sector investment group that invests in startup not-for-profit charities.

A graduate of Arizona State University with a Masters of Business Administration, Randy resides in Phoenix with his wife, Katherine.