September 10, 2007


Jon Altmann

Thank you for this recognition.

Amazingly, some anonymous poster on the Arizona Republic's website is saying I falsified the entire event. Well, hardly. It was witnessed by a Phoenix Police Officer, then by the Firefighter EMTs from Phoenix Fire Rescue 27 with a final testimonail from Phoenix Fire Capt. Dave Gore - who works with the Professional Fire Figthers of Arizona (who endoresed my opponent). Capt. Gore offered to call the media to proclaim the job I did. Not bad, considering they are not supporting me.

The race in Phoenix Council District 3 is a tough one. I am very honored to have many fine grass roots volunteers, who are coincidentally Republicans - many of them PCs from three different Legislative Districts that span my council district.

I am also honored by the support and endorsements recently coming aboard from Arizona House Speaker Jim Weiers, along with State Sen. Linda Gray and State Representatives Adam Driggs and Doug Clark.

This is about bringing a fiscal conservative to the grass roots of our government - our Phoenix City Council.

My opponent will profess she has years working for two different governors doing policy work. I have 30 years leading - leading neighborhood groups, leading a city committee, leading as a senior enlisted leader in the U.S. Navy and leading as a business executive in a national firm that trades on the NASDAQ.

I have worked nationally on a national veterans' association board of directors - fighting for their benefits in Washington, D.C.

I have a national vision to bring to Phoenix top flight jobs and industry that will grow our Valley economy - without more taxes!

My opponent had chosen in the past to be a "Republican for Janet Napolitano." I supported my party's candidate and have never used my Republican registration to endorse anyone - except fellow Republicans.

On Nov. 6th, Phoenix has an opportunity to vote in a fiscally responsible candidate with leadership abilities and a track record of helping neighbhorhoods that spans three decades.

I need your help, your donations and your prayers to guide our candidacy. We have already proven our metal - in a four way race I made the run-off. My opponent spent more than $100,000 to get into a run-off with me. I spent one-fifth that to come from no name ID to making the run-off and succeeding to my first goal.

One of us is the better fiscal conservative - the proof is in the actions.

If you can help, please contact me at 602-482-VOTE (8683).

Again, thank you all for helping me get to the first goal.

Warmest regards,

Jon Altmann
Candidate - Phoenix Council District 3

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