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March 11, 2008


Jennifer Alcock

You noticed that too, David! Of the dozens of reports I saw on the TV "news" not once was his party affiliation menitoned.

What a shameless whitewash by the media. Shameless!

Jennifer Alcock

When GOP'rs are accused of wrongdoing (waaaay before anything concrete comes out of it) they are lynched by the media, the left, hollywood and all the other leftist whackos.

When dems are PROVEN to be corrupt, criminal, lying, cheating, adulterous dinks - THEY'RE PROMOTED!!!!

Case in point - The Madame Pelosi... HER land deals were far more scandalous than Renzi's EVER could be and she's the speaker.

Case in point - Senate "leader" Reid.... very shady real estate deals and HE'S THE SENATE LEADER.

Case in point - Barack Obama - even SHADIER land deals and a huge donor on his way to prison - AND HE'S THE PRESUMPTIVE DEMOCRAT PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE!!!!!

Case in point - William Jefferson. CAUGHT WITH DOUGH IN HIS FRIDGE... and I ain't talkin 'bout PIZZA DOUGH. Not only has he refused to step down, HE HAS THE SUPPORT OF THE ENTIRE DEMOCRAT MACHINE!!!

Case in point - The Daley machine in Chicago. I just simply don't have enough time left on planet earth to go into THEIR collective misdeeds.

Case in point - The Clintons. (same as above... not enough time left in life to list THOSE misdeeds).

Judith Halston

Dear Mr. Pullen,

You are so correct. Indeed, i was thinking about you today before i received your email. I was thinking WHEN John McCain becomes president we should seek to have Randy Pullen fill that Senate seat.

In 2006 the Democrats said throw the bums out! I think they were referring to their own embezzlement, corruption and infidelity issues. The public misunderstood.

Today, let's throw these bums out starting with Gigalow Spitzer.

They said they wanted change then in 2006. Since Nancy Pelosi has taken office the only thing that i have seen is bickering and confusion. Pelosi should have passed through Phoenix rather than Damascus, Syria.
Recently i heard she is still blocking the FISA measure, however she has instituted cutting the tax credits for oil companies by 18 Billion dollars, which ultimately will be reflected in every day people at the gas pump. Only to further dismay, Pelosi did introduce this to the House, but they excluded CITGO (Hugo Chavez) and allows him to keep the tax credit that Pelosi is taking from an American company, Exxon. I have encouraged Exxon to sue for discrimination.

Again, Mr. Pullen we salute you and honor you for being a Republican and doing the right thing. I will be looking for the ballot with your name on it shortly after McCain is elected president.

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